Ireland announce central contracts for 2024-25

Cricket Ireland has expanded its list of key contracts for the year 2024-25, including Ross Adair, Matt Foster, Fionn Hand, PJ Moor, and Ben White. This year, the number of contracts offered has increased from 14 to 21. Simi Singh, the 37-year old spinner, who last competed in an international match in October 2022, has been excluded off the roster of contracted players.

Cricket Ireland has just provided 12 full-time contracts to its women cricketers, marking the first time this has been done. Christina Coulter Reilly, Abbi Harrison, Kia McCartney, and Alice Tector have been awarded Casual Contracts, whereas Una Raymond-Hoey has been granted a retainer contract.

Gavin Hoey, Matthew Humphreys, Tom Mayes, and Liam McCarthy have been awarded Retainer Contracts in the Men’s Division.

Casual Contracts provide players with a fixed payment during the summer holidays, compensation for lost earnings for the rest of the year, fees for participating in matches, a 12-month medical and healthcare insurance, support in sports science (including physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, psychology, performance analysis, nutrition, and lifestyle management), specialized coaching assistance, and, for players from the Republic of Ireland, complete access to the Sport Ireland Institute. Conversely, Retainer Contracts involve players for a designated duration of time or special events, offering benefits comparable to casual contracts.

In addition, Educational Contracts have been awarded to six female players: Ava Canning, Georgina Dempsey, Sarah Forbes, Amy Hunter, Joanna Loughran, and Aimee Maguire. These are specifically designed to accommodate athletes who are enrolled in full-time schooling or pursuing further education at a postsecondary level. Players under these contracts receive a substantial stipend to guarantee they are not required to seek employment throughout their educational years, allowing them to focus only on their cricket. All of these players will be accessible on a full-time basis during the summer vacation period.

Ciara O’Brien, the Women’s National Selector, expressed her satisfaction with the newest contract list, stating that the number of full-time contracts has reached a record high of 12 this year, which is a testament to the ongoing success of women’s cricket.

“Our team consists of a group of young players who possess exceptional talent. Despite their average age being slightly above 21, these players have gained a significant amount of experience in recent years.”

“This year, we are pleased to announce that Una Raymond-Hoey will be rejoining the Irish team on a retainer basis.” Una, who has earned 15 caps for the Ireland national team, has spent the past five years in Australia. During this time, she has been actively involved in cricket, making progress in representing Victoria and being a member of the Melbourne Stars side in the Women’s Big Bash.

Additionally, Andrew White, the Men’s National Selector, stated, “With the expansion of our talent pool, the task of choosing central contracts becomes increasingly challenging. As the amount of cricket matches played at home and abroad continues to grow, it is crucial for us to cultivate and enhance the skills of our players to be able to compete at the highest level. Choosing the appropriate combination of players to receive central contracts is one of the most significant decisions we can make as an organization. We consider our players to be valuable assets, and we consistently monitor, evaluate, and discuss their progress and performances. This is done to ensure that the head coach and captain have access to the most talented individuals.

“We are pleased with the recent announcement of Heinrich Malan’s contract extension. I am excited to continue collaborating with him in determining the future direction and succession planning of the team in the upcoming years.”

“I extend my congratulations to the players who have been awarded contracts in 2024. I am eager to witness the consistent progress and growth that has been observed over the past few years translate into consistent achievements on the field.”